Brightmoor World War II Memorial

In the median of Outer Drive at the intersection of Outer Drive and
Lasher in far western Detroit

One of the extremely interesting aspects of Detroit is that appealing architecture and significant sculptures may be found in almost all neighborhoods.  If you drive around or walk through the most remote and least visited neighborhoods, you are still likely to see interesting buildings.  The Brightmoor neighborhood—bounded by the CSX rail bed on the South, Evergreen Road on the East, Puritan Road on the North and Telegraph Road on the West—has never been one of the most prosperous areas of the city.  It was incorporated into the city of Detroit in 1926.  Some of the homes were “sweat equity” buildings or modest bungalows erected in the 1920s.  Likely, quite a few residents of this area served as enlisted personnel during the Second World War.  Their brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers back in Brightmoor saw fit to put up a very nice memorial in a public spot on Outer Drive.  The depicted figures on this sculpture depict, I believe, the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Corp as the Air Force was known at that time.  A significant quote from President Lincoln was engraved on the west side of the base of this memorial with the inauguration date shown on the east side.  I do not know who currently maintains this sculpture but, every day, a flag flies over it.

Sculptor and designer: Unknown to me
Date of installation: 1943
Use in 2012:  World War II Memorial
Photograph:  Ren Farley; April 18, 2012
Description prepared: April, 2012


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