Continuity Tower

In the median at West Grand Boulevard and Third Street


Jacqueline Feigenson maintained an art gallery in the Fisher Building for many years. She featured and sold the works of young and innovative artists from the Detroit area, including the productions of Robert Sestok.  After she died in the 1980s, local sculptor Robert Sestok designed the piece you see pictured here in her memory.  He welded together various pieces of steel that he found in Detroit to create an airy tower that may get more complicated as its heighth increases.  Toward the top, you may be able to identify the image of a human person and at least part of the image of a child.  This sculpture was aligned with the trees in the median of West Grand Boulevard.  I presume this location was selected because of its proximity to the Fisher Bu9ilding where Ms. Feigenson’s gallery was located.

Robert Sestok is a Detroit artist working as both a painter and sculptor.   He received his professional training at what is now the College for Creative Studies.  He assisted in the design of the very visible sculptor that was locate near Woodward in from of the Hannan House in fall of 2011, the Sunbeam Sculpture which is described on this website.  I believe that he also designed one of the two cylindrical sculptures located near the intersection of East Lafayette and Beaubien but those are not yet included on this Destroit 1701 site.

Sculptor:  Robert Sestok
Date of Installation: 1990
Use in 2011: Public Art
Facebook page of the sculptor:
Photograph:  Ren Farley
Description prepared: October, 2011


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