Apartments, Condos and Housing Developments

1300 East Lafayette

Addison Hotel/Addison Apartments

Alden Park Towers

Belcrest Apartments

Brewster Homes

Boulevard Temple Methodist Episcopal Church/Boulevard Temple
United Methodist Retirement Home

Cadillac Square Apartments/Barlum Hotel

Canfield Lofts

Cass Davenport Historic District

Chalfonte Apartments

Chatworth Apartments

Chicago-Lawton Terrace Apartments

Conant Gardens Historic District

Coronado Apartments

Crystal Ballroom/Crystal Lofts

Eddystone Hotel

El Tovar Apartments

Fairview Housing

Helen Newberry Nurses Home

Industrial Bank Building

Iodent Building

Ireland and Matthews Manufacturing Plant

Irish Workers Dormitory/ Corktown’s Oldest Residence

Kean Apartments

Kingston Arms Apartments

S. S. Kresge Company Building/ Kales Building

The Lee Plaza Hotel

Nellie Leland School for Crippled Children

Manchester Apartments

Helen Newberry Nurses Residence

Palmer Park Apartment Building Historic District

The Palms Apartment Building

Pasadena Apartments

Piquette Square

Research Lofts on Trumbull

Sixth Street Lofts/Westinghouse Building

Sojourner Truth Housing Project

Somerset Apartments

Springfield Lofts/Springfield Metallic Casket Company

St. Paul Manor Apartments

St. Rita Apartments

Frederick Stearns & Company Building

Thompson Home for Old Ladies

Verona Apartments

Westinghouse Building/Sixth Street Lofts

The Whittier Hotel/Whittier Apartments