Mulford T. Hunter House

77 West Hancock, near Detroit's Cultural Center


Munford Hunter earned his wealth in Detroit’s early industrial era as a captain of Great Lakes steamships. In 1894, he had this home designed by Detroit architect, William P. Langley, for his own residence and for his daughter, his son-in-law and his grandchild.

This home is a marvelous example of a Queen Anne townhouse, illustrating the architectural achievements and tastes of that era. This is similar to homes that you find in the historic neighborhoods of New York, Philadelphia or Boston. Note the large basement constructed of massive stones that supports the red brick home. The basement elevates the first floor so much that a stairway is needed, rather than a step or a stoop. The West Hancock front of this residence features an attractive bay window that dominates the front. The original slate roof has been maintained 110 years after it was first placed atop this home.

Architect: William P. Langley
Architectural Style: Queen Anne townhouse
Date of Construction: 1894
City of Detroit Local Historic Districts: Not listed
State of Michigan Registry of Historic Sites: Not listed
National Registry of Historic Sites: #94000757, Listed:
Use in 2004: Residential
Photo: Ren Farley, April, 2004

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