UAW-GM Center for Human Resources

UAW-GM Center for Human Resources

200 Walker on the Detroit River


This is one of the more visible newer buildings as you drive east along Jefferson from the Renaissance Center.  It is attractive and interesting, but probably not as impressive as many of the Detroit buildings listed on the National Register.  While there is a long history of bitter union-management conflict, there have also been efforts at cooperation.   I believe that this is one of them.  This facility was designed, I believe, to provide an attractive center where workers go learn new skills or, in the jargon of our era, human resource development.  It is a beautifully appointed building on the inside.  I had the opportunity to make a presentation in one of the classrooms.

A wide variety of short courses—one to five days in length—are offered to salaried employees and union members.  They focus upon a variety of topics including social skills, safety issues, interpersonal skills and the use of robots.

Architects:  Giffels Associates and Sims-Varner
Date of Construction: 2001
Architectural style:  Modern
Use in 2013:  Training center
City of Detroit Designated Historic District
State of Michigan Registry of Historic Sites: Not listed
National Register of Historic Places: Not listed
Photograph:  Ren Farley; May 29, 2013


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