City of Detroit Government

Detroit Police Department

Belle Isle Police Station

Eighth Precinct Police Station

Hunt Street Police Station/Third Precinct Police Station


Detroit Fire Department

Detroit Fire Department Headquarters

Engine Company #5

Engine Company #8

Engine Company #11

Engine Company #18

Hook and Ladder Company #5

Hook and Ladder Company #8

Hook and Ladder Company #12

Judge Woodward's Layout Plan for the City of Detroit


Government Buildings

R. Thornton Brodhead Naval Armory
Marine Corps Reserve Center

Cadillac Place Building

Chauncey Hurlbut Memorial Gate

Dearborn Town Hall

Detroit, Department of Human Services
/Mazer-Cressman Cigar Company Building

Detroit Incinerator

Detroit Street Railways Administration Building

Durant Building

Flynn Pavilion

General Motors Building

Grosse Ile Customs House

Theodore Levin United States Courthouse

Lincoln Park Post Office

William Livingstone Memorial Lighthouse

Lighthouse Supply Depot

Patrick V. McNamara Federal Office Building

Mistersky Power Generation Plant

Frank Murphy Hall of Justice

Nankin Mills

Newburgh Mill

Plymouth Informational Designation

Sandwich Courthouse and Gaol, Ontario

Springwells Water Treatment Plant

First Standardized State Police Post in Michigan Informational Designation

United States Immigration Station/Rosa Parks Federal Building

United States Topographical Engineers Historic Service Site

Water & Sewerage Department
High Lift Building

Water Board Building

Wayne County Courthouse

Coleman A. Young City-County Building

George W. Young Post Office

Ypsilanti Water Works Standpipe


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