Military Detroit Sites

Bloody Run (Battle of)
Commemorative Site

Brightmoor World War II

Colonel Thornton Fleming
Naval Armory

Colonel Thornton Fleming
’s Office

Commandant’s Quarters of
the Detroit Arsenal/
Dearborn Historical Museum

George Armstrong Custer
Equestrian Monument

Dearborn Arsenal Magazine

Siege of Detroit 1763 Marker

Fallen Timbers Battlefield

First Michigan Colored Regiment Commemorative Site 

Grand Army of the Republic
(GAR) Building

Grand Army of the Republic
(GAR) Memorial

Ulysses S. Grant Home

Grosse Ile Naval Air Station

Jewish Soldiers in the Civil War Historical Marker

 General Thaddeus Kosciuszko Statue

Fort Lernoult Site

 Livonia Revolutionary War Soldiers Informational Designation

General Alexander Macomb Statue

Fort Malden, Amherstburg, Ontario

Michilimackinac Park Michigan Historical Informational Marker

Mongaugon (Battle of )
Information Designation

Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry’s Canons

Brigadier General Casmir
Pulaski Statue

Colonel Arthur Rankin, 1816-1893 Historical Marker

River Raisin Battlefield

Soldiers and Sailors Monument

Spanish-American War Commerative

Fort St. Joseph, Niles, MI

Fort St. Joseph, Port Huron, MI

Anthony Wayne Sculpture

Fort Wayne

Major General Alpheus Starkey

Windsor (Battle of)1838 Marker


War of 1812 Sites

British Landing on Mackinac Island
(July 16, 1812)

Fort Holmes
(Mackinac Island, 1815)

Hull's Landing
(Windsor, July 8, 1812)

Fort Ingall (Quebec)

Fort Lernoult Site (Detroit, Surrendered to the British,
August 16, 1812)

Fort Malden, Amherstburg, Ontario

Mongaugon (Battle of) Informational Designation
(Trenton, August 9, 1812)

General Alexander Macomb Statue
( Detroit, Battle of Plattsburgh,
September 11, 1814)

Michilimackinac Park
/Michigan Historical Informational

River Raisin National Battlefield
(Monroe, January 22, 1813)

Ypsilanti Barracks-Thompson Block

War of 1812 Dead Commemorative Marker (Detroit, Fall 1812
and Winter 1814


Military Sites and Personnel



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